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Entry #6

I met SamBakZa in real life

2017-06-15 08:25:08 by Exlipse

During my business trip to Seoul I had some freetime in an evening, and I've managed to find the place where SamBakZa studio is located. The guys are really nice and friendly and were happy to see me, as well as me myself! They surely made one of the most remarkable and adorable movies on the Newgrounds, and Daki and Nabi will be in my heart for a long time.

You know, you recieve the best imprfessions and emotions from people. Not from food, nature, cities, but people. Seoul is a great city, but during this sudden meeting a had the best fellings in a long period of time.

Thank you, Amalloc and Sokou, I hope you'll make something new for us someday.



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